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Three Tips to Stay Motivated During Winter
By Liam Lawlor

During winter, many struggle to sustain the fitness that they worked so hard to obtain when the weather was warm. Cold temperatures, rain, and daylight savings are the common factors ruining cyclists’ motivation to train. However there are ways to still sustain a high fitness level, even through bad weather.

On cold winter mornings, the temptation of sleeping through your alarm to stay warm in the comfort of your bed is often too much. A good way to force yourself to get out of bed on these mornings is to have organised a ride with a friend. That way you will have to get out of bed unless you want to abandon your mate.

Indoor trainers are very helpful to have when the weather goes bad, but using them all the time can become boring. A software known as Zwift however makes riding on an indoor trainer much more exciting. Zwift combines fitness and video games together, as it uses the data from your indoor trainer to create a virtual simulation of you riding on the road. The other cyclists that appear in the virtual game are other real people on their own indoor trainers. This creates a very competitive environment, which ends up making you really push yourself

Another great way to stay fit and motivated in winter is to do cross-training such as swimming, mountain biking, or track cycling. Cross-training gives you new challenges, boosting your motivation levels. Swimming is great for cardiovascular endurance and can still keep you fit if you want a break from the bike. Track cycling and mountain biking will not only help improve your fitness, but can also help improve your bike handling skills as well.

Hopefully these tips will help you stay fit and motivated during the winter months!


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