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2017 Interview Series: Pedalit

VDR tech man Rob Cumine took the time to get to know a little more about our partner Pedalit. Pedalit provide us with the best cleaning and body care products in the industry. Read the interview with the man behind the brand, as he gives where the brands inspiration, along with some great tips for looking after your bike!

PedalIt is a good starting point for this interview; it’s a good name for a bicycle product! How did the idea of Pedal It come about? Where did you start from?

The concept of athletes taking care of their body and equipment is not new. From my earliest days of riding, it was either my parents who were trying to support me in cycling, with modest incomes, or my coach passing on the knowledge of generations. It was always plan, prepare and care. When I started cycling 35 years ago, in this part of the world it was far from mainstream, so sponsors were nonexistent, and equipment was never sold in volumes, so a boutique market, and priced accordingly. Throw in that my dad was an engineer, and I had no chance, my bike was always immaculate and in perfect order. Never the best, but the best maintained!

When I first started racing at a higher level, the amount of pressure you put your whole system under was incredible. You simply couldn’t afford sickness or injury, so you took great care of yourself. If every day you are out in the elements, then personal hygiene, protection from the sun and the elements, care for your skin, your feet and hands, and recovering from, are all critical. Tour riding taught you to do all the little things well that keep you healthy, trouble free, and still in the race.

Fast forward 30 years, I was frustrated at the quality of care products available. Either too expensive, or underperforming, or as in many cases with bike care, too aggressive. So, we started Pedalit.

What chemicals do you use, do you have mad scientists coming up with new formulas?

In many ways, we do, we partnered up with a kind of mad scientist, who has a team of mad scientists, that have been producing amazing products for multiple industries for years. We took our vision to them, and they have been fantastic, pulling knowledge from years of testing and field trials, and successful products utilized in thousands of various applications.

As the athlete uses the products, either while cleaning equipment, or directly on their body, as much as possible we use natural and biodegrade ingredients. Our cleaners are exceptionally safe, using natural plant extracts and are water based. Our body care is predominately natural, with high concentrations of organic ingredients.

How can riders stop their brakes squealing on rims after being washed?

Clean rims are a good start. Depending on what you use to clean and lube your bike, any residue can then cause the squeal. Our cleaners are non-silicone so that’s a great start. If squealing is an issue, put a small amount of degreaser on a cloth and wipe down pads and braking surfaces, that should sort it.

What’s the best way to clean an entire bike, chains, frame, pulleys etc using Pedal it.

A dirty bike has a higher maintenance cost than a clean one and a poorly maintained bike is more likely to leave you sitting road side waiting for a lift home.

So here are the PEDALIT wash tips:

RESURRECTION & SPLENDOR are formulated to be safe on all surfaces, ensuring your equipment is protected always. We recommend cleaning mountain bikes after every ride and road bikes as required or when exposed to rain and mud.

  1. Rinse – Hose down the bike to remove all excess grit and dirt. It also pays to give all your brushes and sponges a rinse too. This ensures no left over grit from the last wash that may scratch your bike.
  2. RESURRECTION | Bike Degreaser – Spray on RESURRECTION to all areas covered in oil, grime and tough dirt. Leave to penetrate for a few minutes, then use a firm bristled brush to remove stubborn grime. For chains that need more attention use a chain cleaning tool with a small amount of RESURRECTION inside. Hose off. As a water based degreaser, RESURRECTION is totally safe on all surfaces, so use all over the bike if required.
  3. SPLENDOR | Bike Wash – Now that all obvious oil and grime has been removed, give the whole bike the wash treatment with a frame brush or sponge. Make sure you clean the braking surfaces of the wheels and the brake pads. Hose off and dry all over with soft cloth.
  4. GLORY | Shine & Protect – Once your bike is completely dry, add a small amount of GLORY to a clean cloth. Spot shine your frame and components for added protection and gloss shine.
  5. Re-lube – It is key to not over lube, so follow the instructions of your chosen PEDALIT lube.

Your product range now is huge, how many products do you have and are there any new items coming down the pipe?

 Yes, we have been very busy developing products, we over 20 lines now available. Expect this to double with more handy accessories for the bike, and then the developing of our natural and organic body care.

 What’s the difference between FKB Legend and FKB Race Lube?

 Lubes have been one of the fascinating product journey’s. Lubes, as with any products, the better the ingredients, formulas and concentrations deliver the best result, but come at a price. Lubes are like politics and religion at a dinner party, people get very passionate about their lubes! We are wet lube fans, and when it comes to drive chain maintenance, there are no miracle cures and shortcuts. Quality lube applied properly, then maintained after each ride. FKB Legend is my favourite. A wet lube that gives the new chain feeling, and can handle all conditions. You don’t need much, so we give a syringe applicator with each lube. Work in then wipe off. This lube is 100% synthetic, performs in all conditions, and is exceptionally kind to your drive chain.

FKB Legend has additives that will push the dirt out of your drive chain, and reduce pitting of surfaces.

FKB Race Lube is a high-end penetrating lube, with a nonflammable solvent, ensuring it gets into the trickiest of spots, great for fast dry weather drive chain, even better at lubing gears, levers etc after every wash. If it moves, FKB Race can get in there and have it working at its optimum.

A little about Pedalit chamois cream now………….(ingredients, viscosity, smell etc)

 Very proud of our Chamois Cream. A couple of years ago, lifting the training somewhat, I suffered a horror summer of soreness. It really made me get the old habits of hygiene and care back, but also had me test many creams. When we started to develop ours, I wanted us to address cause, relief and prevention.  I also wanted to ensure what we were asking our customers to put against their often inflamed skin, was as natural as possible. For female rides, ensuring some anti fungal and candida properties is important too.

Although we do a hard and a soft cream, I recommend hard, or jelly based, for anyone who is new or suffering. We have a mid range, buttery consistency, with a smell of eucalyptus and tea Tree. The key ingredients:

  • Organic Bees Wax for protection against irritants whilst allowing the skin to breathe naturally, combined with its natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral benefits
  • Organic Calendula Oil for relief of chapped or broken skin and as anti-inflammatory
  • OrganicTea Tree Oil to fight off infections on inflamed or broken skin
  • Organic Coconut Oil for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is also an excellent moisturizer
  • Organic Tea Tree Oil to fight off infections on inflamed or broken skin, anti-fungal and anti- candida properties for maintaining health down under
  • Natural Eucalyptus Oil is Australia’s native champion with germicidal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities. Eucalyptus Oil is also a vasodilator by nature, increasing blood flow and reducing numbness.
  • Organic Cocoa Butter is great for naturally healing dry and sensitive skin

How does it ride?

Like a dream all day! You won’t notice you have it on, which is what you want.

Where should one apply chamois cream?

On any part of the shorts pad or stitching that gives chaffing, and on the skin where the problem areas are. We also recommend for those who get saddle sores (infected pores), then a light application after washing and drying shorts to the pad is also worth it until the sores heal and are no longer an issue.

The clothing range care products, did you see this as important as people buy expensive knicks and jerseys and rarely know how to clean them properly?

I am fussy with my cycling wear, I want it to look and ride like new, and I don’t want anything but comfort and pain free riding. So, that means taking a little more time to care for what is an expensive and high end piece of specialist clothing. We want bright colours and tight aero fit, lighter fabrics with sublimation, and stretch stitching, then we throw it in with basic wash chemicals and a spin cycle! Some old school handwashing will keep your clothing looking and feeling amazing for thousands of miles, it makes sense.

Our REVIVAL contains a blend of plant based high performance surfactants with built in stain removing properties to help remove body fats and odours built up during those long rides. REVIVAL is enhanced with optical brighteners to keep clothes bright and colourful for longer. We also wear these products against our skin, so natural matters. Being a cyclist is about doing all these little pieces or care and preparation, together they matter.

Should we all be using warm up oil this Spring/Winter?

Yes, even under leg warmers. Rub in, loosen up, stay warm, and warm up on rides, as well as cool down. Old school some would say, but also common sense. Critical for us older athletes, the time poor and newbies, as we tend to take shortcuts or not have the care when we should, resulting in injuries and sore legs.

If you had one tip for every rider for bike protection-cleaning what would it be?

Have your cleaning kit inside the garage door or handy. Spending a quick 5 minutes at the end of your ride, keeps you bike checked and maintained. It may be just a quick wash and lube, or just wiping sweat off the bike and running a rag through the drive chain, it all adds to the longevity of your gear, and the enjoyment of the next ride.

Want to see the whole product range? Checkout their website here!


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