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U23 TT Report

The team had 5 riders facing the 29.5km TT in our new Nalini skinsuits today, Randall, Egglestone, De Vroet, Darch, and Bennett. In what was a miracle of seeding, Ethan, Matt, and Lachlan all started one after another (or maybe it was just alphabetical), so there was a lot of banter about when we were all going to catch each other. Matt had spent the past week riling Ethan up about how he was going to catch him early on, so the pressure was on everyone to perform well.

The first half of the course had a head/cross wind, and the second half was a tail/cross, and the way back was mainly uphill, so pacing was important. Dave started first, and finished with a respectable time of 43:58 which after the Criterium the day before would’ve been a tough ride. Egglestone had a rough day with the bad luck starting with a punctured disc wheel 15mins before his start time, followed up by some legs that didn’t want to fire on all cylinders.

De Vroet was up next with a solid start, catching Ethan just after the turnaround point and putting in an uncharacteristically impressive climb, but might’ve gone too deep struggling through the last 5km. Darkhorse Darch who had kept banter and big calls to a minimum was next, and with the possibility of catching two teammates in one time trial, was especially motivated. Darch had made significant gains on his two teammates by the turnaround and overhauled Egglestone just afterwards. He continued on catching Matt with 5km to go, finishing with a time of 42:50 leaving him the highest placed in the team. Not quite the result we were hoping for, but wi a 3-minute improvement on his 2017 time a very respectable result.

Bennett was the last to start in a very strong packed tail end of the field. Training in rain and temperatures of 20 degrees back in Tassie left Iven sweltering and unable to capitalise on his hard work and being caught early on left Iven both physically and mentally struggling.

The team are looking to improve on these results on Saturday’s road race with 9 riders lining up to face the now shortened 8 laps of Buninyong. Racing has been brought forward to 9:00.


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