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Lachlan Darch Interview

We post a lot of visual content. This is really good if you want to see how high they run their socks. Being a team which is all about our people – we want the world to know how good they are and who they are. We put together an interview with one of our most committed riders – Lachie Darch.

So how old are you? 19 years old, this is my second year in U23s.

Your studying Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in 2018, how do you find balancing studies, training and racing? I’m really enjoying it, I enjoy what I’m studying, and being busy gives me a bigger appreciation for the time I have when I’m training or racing. Sometimes being busy with Work and Uni can make training difficult, both mentally and physically, but I have a good support network around me to make sure everything is manageable, and that I have the best opportunities to race well on the weekends.

Do you have any cycling role models mine was Miguel Indurain being a bigger rider and just using power to hurt his rivals in a time trial and use his power to keep up with the climbers? Both Jens Voigt and Adam Hansen are inspiring to me. I loved to watch Jens always on the attack, and I remember watching stage 2 of the 2016 Tour Down Under when Adam Hansen spent most of the day alone up the road, which I thought was awesome. Unfortunately we kept missing moves last year – so I spent way too much time chasing other teams back. Hopefully I can turn the tables this time around.

What was it like in your first year in the NRS? It was pretty awesome, my highlight was supporting the boys in the Melbourne to Warrnambool. Being involved in one of the worlds longest running races, and racing alongside people like Koen de Kort was really awesome. Racing the NRS gives me appreciation of how strong the guys at the top of the field are. We road really well that day as a team – and the team aspect of cycling is what makes it so special, even when it doesn’t come off.

What is the biggest difference between Club racing and the NRS? The intensity of the racing is insane, I remember the first lap up Mt Buninyong in my first year in the U23 Road Nationals and being really worried about how difficult that was and how early into the race it was. It’s good to see the quality of racers Australia is producing.

How would you describe your riding style? I’m still not too sure, I love Time Trials, and I think I go alright on rolling courses, but I haven’t really developed into one area yet. I can say for certainty that sprinting is not my strong suit.

So, what is your position on the team? Are you a climber, the GC Rider? I like to think that I am more of a supporting role in the team, looking after the boys by getting bottles or helping on the front if we’ve missed the break.

What are your objectives for the season? My main goal is to improve further in the Time Trial at Nationals next year, so I will build towards that at the end of the year, other than that I don’t really have anything I’ve got my eye on at the moment. I’ll just try to improve as much as possible at racing while maintaining decent grades at Uni. I have a lot of confidence in my coach and manager Lachie to help deliver me to my goals.

So, have you kind of mapped out what the goals are to try and get there or …? Not really to be honest, I think I just need to keep doing what I’m doing; being training and racing while maintaining a balance for Uni and life. Having that balance is important to me because it means I’m able to improve myself, but I will also be enjoying what I’m doing so I won’t get burned out.

So, what has been your greatest cycling moment or achievement so far? I have lots of fond memories from cycling, from being in a chase group with Rohan Dennis for about 3 seconds until he dropped me at the Tour of the Barossa, to finishing my first tour at the Tour of South West. My favourite result was at Nationals this year in the Time Trial where I placed only 27th, but I took off 3 minutes from my first year. The improvement in power I had in a year was pretty substantial so I’m hoping I’m able to make similar progressions this year.

Who are you coached by and explain to us what your average training week looks like? Does it depend where in the racing season you are? Team owner Lachie Ambrose coaches me and makes sure I have plenty of time for Uni and Working alongside training. My training weeks can vary a fair bit, depending what races I have coming up and how busy Uni is at that time. A week usually has some efforts, some tempo rides, a race simulation or hard bunchie, and a couple of recovery days.

I think it helps a heap – having a coach who has done what we’re doing. Lachie got a degree in Aerospace Engineering whilst he was racing – so it’s fair to say he gets uni.

Do you get nervous before a race? Absolutely, I feel that by getting nervous before racing, it shows that I care about the result, and am not just there to make up the numbers.

Thanks for your time Lach. If you see the Van D’am Racing boys around at a race or training have a chat to them. They are a friendly bunch riding at an elite Australian level. Who live racing and riding their bikes. Who just aren’t in it for themselves.

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