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The Importance of Team

By Mark Sampson

Many people would have heard, perhaps more than once that, ‘There is no I in Team.’ The saying goes that no matter who you are, if you are in team, you must be a team player. No one plays for themselves.

In light of our fruitful racing culture here in Australia, and the whole basis of our team, we firmly believe in the development of young athletes and giving them the best opportunity to achieve above and beyond. On and off the bike. Take the likes of recent National Road Race winner, Alex Edmondson. Edmondson, like everyone else, started from the bottom. A young junior cyclist eager to see where cycling takes him. Over the years Edmondson grew and developed a talent within the sport, which hooked the interest of local sports organisations. They gave him and many other athletes an unprecedented support network in hope that one day he or she will achieve greatness.

Now, look at Edmondson. From a junior to Olympic medalist and World Tour rider. But what helped him so much along the way? Yes, the training and the equipment and the countless hours of commitment he put into the sport, but something more psychological was at play here. A team environment. A culture that is the expression of a team’s values, attitudes, and goals. It dictates whether the team’s focus is on fun, results, or whether it promotes individual accomplishment or team success. A team environment is crucial in the sense that it directly influences many areas that affect team functioning and performance. Developing and progressing the athlete through the sport, at a deeper, mental level. Not only that, but the extensive knowledge the athlete is exposed to. He or she has limitless access to previous sportspersons that has been in the game a lot longer then they have. Passing on advice and direction to the athlete when they needs it most.

The culture of a team spreads beyond companionship or sports. It helps bring out the best of the athlete, achieving outstanding levels in cycling, or being the best person they can be off the bike. It all starts with one thing; There is no I, in team. And that is what our team is all about. Providing the invaluable network of support an athlete needs and deserves.

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