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Introducing Chapters

Van D’am Racing has some clear goals – to support good people doing a sport that we love. Another driving force is to ensure that we give as much as we can to the sport that has given us so much. This defines our culture – one which we want to share with anyone who believes in what we believe in. Health, balance, and making sure we give something back.

To this end; we are excited to announce Van D’am Racing Chapters – we want to enable people from South Australia, and other parts of the country to push the sport and it’s people forward.

What’s the benefit to us?

Not a lot; we do most of what we do for the love of it. Having said that it – it will help build a network, and community and a family – all of these will have indirect benefits to the team.

What’s the benefit to them?

Almost like a franchise – VDR has spent a lot of time working on a model. We know what is truly important in running teams and supporting riders. We know how to reach out to sponsors, and we know how to provide value and reach to these supporters. We want to provide these lessons to others and help them on their journey.

So are we running more teams?

Nope. Realistically we can’t put more time into the sport than we already do (well unless someone wants to pay us!). Doing more would probably result in a lower output. We want to enable others – as that is a more powerful action.

Will we help?

Yep. We’ll provide a framework, support and advice – and take care of a lot of the boring jobs which we already take care.

What’s in the pipeline?

We have two projects which have been helping develop – so expect more in this space!

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