April 6, 2018

Giving back- Three of a Kind

By Matthew de Vroet

As many of you know, I will be spending the first half of the season over in Europe racing for Belgian team ASFRA Flanders. Racing has been hard and the weather has been cold but there have been many positives to take away from the trip thus far. However, today I am writing about a different project, one which still involves a bike but isn’t so much about speed.

Cyclists are often perceived to be selfish. Refusing to spend time on their feet before races, complaining about how hard the sport is, or simply being too lazy to get off the couch, you can see why some have earned this reputation. I feel like it is important to give back to the community, and the bike can be utilized to do that.

With a good friend of mine, Ross Bernard, I will be undertaking a world first; three Everesting attempts in a single week, a project we call Three of a Kind.

“Everesting” has become a popular challenge in recent years. With the aim being simple. Ride your bike up and down a single hill, until you have reached the combined elevation of Mount Everest, 8848 meters. This challenge usually takes anywhere between 14-20 hours, and a distance of approximately 300km.

The infamous French Alps will be the battlefield for this mammoth challenge as we take on Mount Ventoux, Col d’Izoard and Alp d’Huez.

We have decided to try and raise money for causes we feel very passionate about. To coincide with our three attempts, we have chosen 3 unique and worthwhile charities targeting separate global issues.

The Australian charity Beyondblue provides support for mental illnesses and with over three million Australians suffering with depression or anxiety, now is the time to really make a difference.

Quebeka charity, a partners of the professional Dimension Data team, provide bikes to those in need in Africa. They use bicycles to connect people to schools, jobs and clinics. Their slogan “bicycles change lives” rings true through almost 80,000 bikes being supplied to transforming the lives of many.

Around 8-% of the people who hear the words “you have pancreatic cancer” will die within a year. If nothing changes, pancreatic cancer will be the fourth biggest cancer killer in the UK by 2026. Pancreatic Cancer UK are taking this on, supporting those affected by the disease, investing in ground breaking research, lobbying for greater recognition of pancreatic cancer and being a voice for everyone involved in the fight.

It would mean a great deal if we could have your support, whether that is making a small donation or simply giving our facebook page a like to follow our adventure, it all helps.

Check out our website for more information.

Key Facts

Mount Ventoux Tuesday June 12 -6 Repeats, 250km

Col d’Izoard Friday June 15 -8 Repeats, 300km

Alp d’Huez Monday June 18 -8 Repeats, 220km

Approximate Totals:


-27,000 meters elevation

-53 hours of riding

  • Age of riders: 20 and 23

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