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Rider Interviews: Liam Lawlor

By Rob Cumine

Age: 19

Born: Adelaide

When did you start riding?

I started riding at 14yrs old after seeing an advertisement in the paper about a SASI Talent Search testing day. At the time I was playing soccer at a federation level and was also competing in middle distance running. After becoming selected for the SASI Talent Search after a variety of physiological tests, I bought my first road bike and began to get into cycling. After two years of juggling all three sports, I made the hard decision to drop soccer and running to just focus on cycling.

How did you get on Van D’am Racing?

I managed to get a few results as a first-year U/19 that impressed team manager Lachie Ambrose. As a second-year U/19, I was lucky enough to join Van D’am Racing.

Van D’am Racing is regarded as one of the best U23 teams in Australia for young riders how have you found it so far?

I have really enjoyed being apart of such a professionally managed team.  Being given the chance to race a few big NRS and VRS races last year has really helped my development as a bike rider. We have a really positive, supportive culture – so it’s no suprise that we manage to get the best out of our riders.

How big of an impact has having most of the team’s riders from South Australia had on you?

It makes training so much more enjoyable having a lot of teammates living in Adelaide. Usually, there isn’t a day where I don’t have someone to ride with. Travelling to interstate and local races as a team also makes things so much easier (and more enjoyable) when you are around good mates. When people aren’t getting paid to ride – there needs to be a factor which pulls people together and makes them commit to riding for the team. For us, it’s that tight connection that we have.

Who were your cycling inspirations growing up?

Nairo Quintana after I saw him attack Froome in the 2015 TDF.

What was the point of your career so far that you really started to move forward?

Since this year’s nationals I have improved a lot, but am keen on continuing to improve and gain more racing experience in this years NRS.

What’s your favourite event in the NRS calendar?

Tour of Great South Coast, despite the terrible weather it was a great learning experience. Looking forward to my first Battle Recharge in two weeks however

How much do you weigh?


What’s your favourite climb?

Corkscrew Road. It goes up, and then up some more, had has about the only set of switchbacks in the state. So what’s not to like!

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