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Tour of the Great South Coast: Stage 1

The team is always excited for the Tour of the Great South Coast. As close to a local race as we’d ever get (a casual 4 hour drive from Adelaide), we have been regulars in the area over the last few years.  Coming off a strong Battle Recharge, the team was very excited for the racing that was to come, despite that 20 degree difference in temperature.

The tour started with it’s traditional 1.2km criterium course in Mt Gambier and in typical south coast fashion, it was wet and windy. With 100 riders in a short circuit everyone wanted to be at the front. As expected the race started at full gas with many teams eyeing the 11 sprint points and the associated bonus seconds on offer. Wet roads meant for dangerous fast racing. With the bunch strung out, moving up the bunch at the right moment was important. Despite torrential rain leaving a mini-blue lake on one of the corners, 6 out of the 7 VDR riders made it through intact, with Jason casually rolling in a top 20.

Stage 2

Double days always come with some trepidation. With only 2 hours to cool off, dry-out, clean up, kit up, warm up and get underway things always feel a little rushed. With a few stern words from Lachie we put our wet shoes back on and started warming up.

The stage is one we are quiet familiar with. The course around the Blue Lake is one we are quite familiar with – with a similar course being used for the State Kermesse Titles. Stage 2 differs from the kermesse in that it takes an extra dogleg with a edgy corner. Thankfully this year no one came unstuck there, although an Inform Rider did get acquainted with the back of a park car whilst going uphill. The race was harder than last year courtesy of a change in wind direction, but we were satisfied rolling 3 riders in the main bunch, with Iven just off the pace.

Tomorrow, we take on 5x 25km loops out of Port MacDonnell. The course is flat, but totally exposed to the coastal winds. Likely to be the queen stage of the tour we are all excited to see what we can do.

Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters for getting us to another race, and all the opportunities that they afford us.


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