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Amy’s Otway Tour – Stage 1

Van D’am Racing p/b Butterfields love racing bikes, however, that doesn’t mean that the team doesn’t have its weaknesses. Crits aren’t typically our favourite form of racing – maybe because we are an overly sensible bunch of riders, or maybe it’s a shortage of 30-second power. Throw in some “damp” weather, a fast downhill, a manhole cover on the apex of a downhill corner, and an NRS bunch hungry for the win – it was unlikely to be a day where we would be on the top of the podium.

Due to the conditions, the organisers made the call to neutralise GC for the stage – meaning the main incentive to target the stage had evaporated. It was telling, that we weren’t the only ones with these thoughts. Riders had to start, but wouldn’t be penalised if they didn’t make it to the finish.  Rolling straight from the coffee shop to the start line, it became very clear that there were two trains of thought going into this stage. There was an unusual number of rain jackets and legwarmers for an hour long crit, and this represented the riders who would be pulling the pin as soon as they could. The other half the riders were well warmed up, decked out in all the aero gear and race attire more appropriate for a 40-degree national road race. Liam and Dave were in this contingent – decked out in all their Nalini fastest.

Unfortunately, though, the race started 5 minutes early meaning that Liam and Dave were a little out of position, but well warmed up. They made an admirable effort with Dave dropping an average power of 476w for the ‘neutral’ lap and normalised power of 453w for the first 10kms until getting pulled from the course by commissaires, but ultimately DNF’d, with respectable placings of 24th and 25th. Fun and games coming up tomorrow – with a 121km road stage. A 10km climb out of the start gate and some exposed coastal roads will no doubt leave a few with sore legs.

As always, we’d like to thank the support of the sponsors and the tireless help of everyone behind the scenes allowing us to have these opportunities.


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