September 18, 2018

Want to be part of the F’am?

There are times when we regret the name we chose to run our team under. But there are certainly some benefits. One of our favourites is that Van rhymes with a lot of things.

We don’t have a Van D’am Van yet.. maybe Volkswagon will support us with one for 2019 though? Even so, it would still be secondary to our favourite “Van F’am”. The reason we like it is that we are “more than a cycling team”, we are a family.

But it’s not a closed family. There are a few spots available for South Australian or Victorian riders to come on board for 2019. Think that is you? Then send through a resume to Don’t know what to put in a cycling resume? Then check out Lachie’s recommendations from last year.  

It’s not just about racing! Rember we will receive dozens of resumes – so putting the effort in it this stage is critical.

Extended F’am

Cycling has given us a heap of opportunities for personal development, it’s not just about riding bikes. A cycling team provides a fantastic environment to develop your skill set in a variety of fields including media, marketing, sports management and sponsorship. So if you are looking for an interesting project for Uni, or to stack your resume with some genuine experience don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All resumes and applications to be sent to