April 8, 2019

Why We Do What We Do

Lachie Ambrose

As part of my day job, I get to attend a lot of different workshops. Some are a tedious use of time, others provide valuable insights into how we do things, and more importantly, how we should do things. Recently I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop on inclusion in the workplace. One of the key takeaways for me from that is that culture is king, and this is something that I’ve always emphasised within the team.

Now don’t panic this isn’t a 10 part narrative on my personal philosophies. But I thought it was important to highlight an important achievement of one of our team members.

Rylan is the oldest member of the team, and at its surface, it probably seems a little out of keeping with the team selection policies. But context is important.

Rylan came to bike racing later than most. It certainly runs in his family, but Rylan spent his teens and early to mid-twenties playing music and working. At the same time as joining the team, Rylan decided that he wanted to go back to study, something that he hadn’t done since leaving school over a decade before.

One thing we have always emphasised is that results on the bike with no corresponding success off the bike is no success at all. We don’t have a “win at all costs” attitude. So we are really proud that Rylan was successfully able to balance bike racing and uni and was awarded a High Achievers award for his first year of study. Chapeau mate!

I’d also like to use this as an opportunity to thank all of our sponsors – both past and present for supporting this philosophy. We could not provide the opportunities or support that we do without it.


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