Ethan Egglestone

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Ethan has already performed strongly at junior and U19 levels and presents as a strong and exciting prospect for the future. He is a talented climber with track pedigree and a cool head in races.

Begining a Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management at Adelaide University in 2016, Ethan had a great start to the year with some solid results at U23 Nationals. From here he has travelled to Spain to race in the Basque Region, before returning to Australia to chase his ambitions in some of the hillier races that Australia has to offer. He will be looking to work with the team's other major climbing talent Rylan Dowdell to become a dangerous duo on the Australian calendar.

Ethan is looking "forward to continuing on from the great start I had with the team in 2017. It will be great to get an opportunity to continue working with the guys so they can hopefully start making more regular podium appearances. I'll also get an opportunity to gain some good results and experience for myself."


Who inspired you to start cycling?
I got into cycling when SASI came to my school and tested us for physical traits, so it wasn’t really a person who inspired me. If I had to list a person it probably would be my dad since he already did cycling and had told me he thought I would be good at it.

First Bike?
For the road it was a Merida ‘road race’ bike which I was pretty happy with because the forks were partially carbon. For track I got lent a steel Hillbrick from SASI which wasn’t the best of bikes, but at the time I didn't know any better.

What do you love most about cycling?
Probably when you come up with a plan before a race and you actually pull it off. There is also something about when you’ve got your race wheels in, the sound of the freewheel being amplified by the rim is just so satisfying.

What has cycling taught you?
It has made me more organised, and forced me to actually know the roads of Adelaide. And it has taught me how much a real cramp hurts.

Previous teams?
This is my first NRS team but last year I was with a team called AMC for the summer crits in Adelaide and have been with the state track team for the past two years.

Favourite Race?
Probably the Team Pursuit.

Cycling Highlight?
Winning the U19 Team Pursuit with Tom Allford, James Higginson and Rohan Wight as a first year U19.

If you weren’t racing bikes, where would your focus be?
Well before I got into cycling I played baseball, footy and did cross country running so I would probably still be doing them.

Favourite music?
Future House, trap

Most embarrassing cycling moment?
Probably the difficulty I had mastering cleats when i started.

Interests away from cycling
Not much really, I do follow AFL though and try to always watch the Crows play.

Cycling Highlights

3rd in GC Centrals Junior Tour 2014

3rd in KOM Centrals Junior Tour 2014

1st Willunga Hill Climb Time Trial 2014 (u17s)

9th in U19 National Hill climb TT 2014

Gold in U19 Mens Team Pursuit 2015