Tom Allford

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A Mildura native, Allford moved to Adelaide to continue his education at Flinders University after finishing schooling in 2015. The promising young athlete has been at Van D’am Racing since the teams inception in 2015

In 2017, he made the step across to Europe for a racing block as well as continuing his development in the National Road Series. A solid year on the bike, and greater stability in 2018, we expect to see Tom flourish into a great bike rider on a national level.

“More than anything I’m simply looking forward to a great year of racing in 2018 and development with a great group of people. I think as a team we can achieve a lot in the near future, and I’m excited to be a part of that process.”


Quick Fire Round

First bike? My first bike would have most likely been some crappy “hand-me-down-walker” bike type thing. And I’m sure as an infant I was a gun, boosting around the neighborhood and whatnot… But I don’t remember, and nobody cares. My first race bike was an all alloy Avanti. That was until to fell victim to brutal and heart breaking roof rack attack, at the hands of my father. Dark days

Dream bike? Her name is Ruby; she is a blue Ridley Noah. I ride her. Daily.

Brew choice? Short.

Favourite cycling memory? I have a lot of good memories cycling, probably because it’s half of what I do with my life! But the best memories were growing up racing with a pretty awesome group of people in Mildura. Those days are what made me fall in love with the sport, and learn to swear.

Best cycling result? Ah every bike races favorites question – “pick one result to brag about”. I’m going to throw a curve ball and say my best result is still to come, so stay tuned y’all.

Biggest inspiration? Kids who grow up cycling tend to go through a fair few inspirations and heroes, usually because the old one got caught doping or something. But mine have been pretty firm (despite a little cocaine). My old man got me on a bike in the fist place, and big Tommy Boonen filed in the gaps.

If you could win one race what would it be? Have to say the Warney, it’s the closest thing Australia has to Roubaix

Best place to ride your bike? I still want to explore a lot more places on a bike, but to my knowledge so far, Italy wins this one by a landslide.

Favourite Pedalit product? Sham-cream. I’m delicate.

Favourite SIS flavour? Oh hands down the chocolate REGO Rapid Recovery, that stuff is pure gold after a long ride. Bloody hungry and the thought of it!