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We will miss our big boy @bomtallford as he travels to Belgium with fellow compatriot @devroet41. They didn’t leave without making their mark for this year however! Tom and Matt both raced the Tour of East Gippsland last week, with Tom...

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In this week's blog, Mark looks at the importance of a team environment.

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Our first Road Race is commencing this coming weekend 💥💥 our riders are poised and ready!!
🚴‍♂️ @marksamboss 📸 @avikaa

Jason Thomason5 days ago

New kit > old kit 👌
📸 some flog sitting on..

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Our country blood was boiling at the Whyalla Track Carnival as @daniel121199 managed to snatch an absolute beauty of a win with. With a packed field of national sprint champs and blokes with pistons for legs. It was definitely a well deserved win....

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We post a lot of visual content. This is really good if you want to see how 'on point' our sock game is. But being a team which is all about our people – we want the world to know how good they are and...

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We're finally getting organised enough to get back into sending monthly email updates. If you want to help the team and make sure that you don't miss out on anything again - follow the link to sign up!

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Van D'am Racing is spoilt. Based in Adelaide we have access to undeniably some of the best roads in Australia. Liam takes a look at some of his favourite climbs in this feature.

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We are grateful to have the support of one of the best aussie companies in the bike game - Pedalit.

There are a couple of reasons we love this brand. The first is an obvious one - they make great products. Chamois...