October 11, 2016

Lachlan Darch Joins Van D’am Racing For 2017


Van D’am Racing are delighted to make their first official rider announcement for the 2017 season, as we welcome 18 year old Lachlan Darch to the squad.

Darch, who completed Year 12 in 2015 before taking a gap year in 2016, will begin his studies in a Bachelor of Human Movement in 2017. Signing Darch to the team for next season forms a key piece of Van D’am Racing’s vision to nurture and develop young South Australian cycling talent.

‘I’m looking forward to racing for Van D’am Racing due to their excellent support program. I know that I will be supported in balancing my studies, training and racing, and general life, particularly with the recent announcement of Allan Davis joining the team as a mentor to us younger riders.’

‘Getting to race with a brilliant group of guys, while hopefully being able to bring some good results in for the team, is going to be brilliant for my continued development in cycling. I’m still a bit green, so getting an opportunity to learn the art of racing with a more experienced group of guys is something I’m very excited about,’ said Darch.

Having monitored Darch closely and tracked his progress throughout 2016, Team Manager Lachlan Ambrose is eager to start work with the 18 year old talent.

‘Lachie is a strong talent for the future, and we are looking forward to giving him opportunities to show what he can do on a broader scale. Although he is relatively inexperienced, we believe that with the strong support we are able to provide, it will really enable him to excel both on and off the bike,’ said Ambrose.

The signing of Lachlan Darch is the first of many for the 2017. Management are still interviewing prospective riders for the upcoming season, so if you feel you have what it takes to join Van D’am Racing please send your resume outlining your strengths and experience to lha@vandamracing.com.au.

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