May 2, 2017
Lachlan Darch: How Cycling Has Changed My Life
Like many, cycling has made a big impact on my life. There are the obvious things like helping me get fit, but this is just a fraction of the picture. It’s help give me focus and direction, helped me make new friends and see new places, and most importantly, shown me where all the good cafes in Adelaide are.

I started cycling just after I turned 14, I was living a pretty sedentary lifestyle, and Dad thought I was going to get fat, so he encouraged me to do something to get me fit. We started riding a 30km loop into the city and back, and from there my love for cycling has only grown. Since I started cycling, I found it has made life much more manageable, day to day activities are suddenly so much easier with my new level of fitness, and I and the daily endorphin kick keeps me much happier. It has also forced me to learn to look after myself, and I have a much better and balanced diet. I have also found that I have more time to reflect on things; I have times where I can let my mind wander and I can think about how I can approach things.

Before I was cycling, the only thing I had to work towards was whatever video game I was playing at the time; in other words not much. Cycling has given me motivation, not only for personal goals such as cracking that Strava KOM or a result in a race, but it has also helped me to be organised and manage my time effectively, which has helped a lot as I begin my Uni adventures.
Cycling has given me plenty of opportunities to meet new people. I have met a bunch of great and supportive people through cycling that I never would have met otherwise. From Lachie, and everyone involved with the team, to my coach Tim Clayton, and friends I look forward to seeing on weekend bunchies. In a similar regard, I have seen and explored much more of my home town than most people my age.

Cycling and racing has also taught me that being patient can be much more beneficial than jumping at the first opportunity, and that working with other people can be make life so much easier, even if I’d rather work by myself (I’ve learnt this the hard way many times, especially during crits).
Cycling is a very mentally challenging sport, and having self discipline is required.
Cycling has changed my life in an exciting way, of which I’m grateful for. It’s helped me get fit, forced me to look after myself, given me goals and motivated me, I’ve met tons of awesome people, and seen some beautiful early morning views, and some general tips which come in handy at work and Uni.

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