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Ethan Egglestone – 2018 Season Personal Review

The 2018 season for me was filled with peaks and troughs, and it seemed like there was more time spent recovering from illness/injury than on the bike. I started off with some pretty good form, nationals was a little underwhelming, but after a decent training block through January-March I was able to get properly stuck into some VRS. During Tour of Mansfield I was feeling good, and staying with decent company up the climbs, just lacking the 2-4 minute power to go with the penultimate moves. Having said this I put in a 20 minute power pb on the Old Tolmie climb at the end of stage 2.

On the difficult run-in to Mount Baw Baw, credit @blokewithacamera

Having got a few results I was pleased with at Mansfield, I got back into training to back it up with The Baw Baw Classic a few weeks later. During this interim I pumped out my best 5, 10 and 20 minute powers of all time, so the form was there. We came into Baw Baw supporting Rylan, but from clipping in off the line my legs felt trash. I ended up getting piped on Vespers, and just catching stragglers the whole way up the climb. Rylan went on to get 3rd which was a great result for him and the team, however I was disappointed with my own result, coming into the race feeling so good and just having a bad day.


This was the turning point where my season quickly went downhill. I continued to put out good numbers for the rest of April, until I had a crash in May on a training ride. Daniel and I crashed on a steep descent in Lobethal, I face planted at a very high speed, concussing and knocking me out. I was in hospital for 4 days, getting stitches and surgery, I spent a month bedridden on strong pain killers until I could get back into training.

My first race back was Battle on the Border, where I surprised myself being able to help the boys out on a few hard stages. Even if my fitness wasn’t great, it was nice to be back in the team environment after such a long period of recovery.

Battle on the Border TT, credit @blokewithacamera

This form didn’t last long, and from July – November I was struck down with tonsillitis 5 times, each time requiring 5-7 days off the bike. Along with this I had another high speed crash in October which took a lot of skin off, forcing me off the bike for close to 2 weeks.

I was finally able to get a mini 4 week block of uninterrupted training in before Bright, by no means was I fit, but I was at least able to help the team and make few people suffer. This trip was the highlight for my 2018 season, staying with the team in a great location, and spending an extra few days for a training camp.

Top of Tawonga Gap during a Bright training camp, credit @marksamboss

It was a ruthless 2018 season, March & April showed me what I am able to do just with 2-3 months of training. After having my tonsils out this January, I’m looking forward to a less interrupted 2019 season with Van D’am Racing, starting again with Mansfield again.


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