June 24, 2019

VDR Announces New Development Initiative

VDR first launched in late 2015, with one of our primary motivations being to provide opportunities for U19 and U23 riders to continue racing in a responsible and supportive environment. Our goal was to provide not only mentoring on the bike but off the bike as well. Over the past four years, the team has grown with our riders to a point where we are one of the top teams in the country. A consequence of this is we now acknowledge and realise that a gap has opened up in the space that we originally occupied; developing younger riders and providing them with a racing scene for them to grow further. There are teams doing a great job in South Australia, but as the only National Road Series team from the state, we feel it is important to provide a clear pathway through to the next stages of the sport.

What the team will be:

The team will be limited to riders who will be under 19 or first year U23 in 2020. Like our U23/Elite team, we will keep our focus on riders who are maintaining the balance between their education, riding and racing. The initial focus of the new team will be the Cat 2 Men’s races in the Cycling SA Super Series, so riders will need to be at least a South Australian high C grade Standard. After this the riders will be focused on racing the local scene – but there will be some support available at select interstate races. As a road team – this will be the focus of our support – but we encourage riders to take part in many disciplines of the sport. The team will also provide some older riders with another opportunity to give back in the form of mentoring the younger riders.

The team will act as a natural stepping-stone for riders to make the jump from the u19/u23 development team to the National Road Series once they are at the capable of the level required to make the step up.

How to Apply?

Riders are encouraged to send a brief resume to lha@vandamracing.com.au, outlining who they are and what they want to achieve on and off the bike. Due to financial limitations of the team – the riders will be expected to pay a once off rider levy which will go towards kit and race entry. Riders will also need to meet the team’s expectation for behaviours and demonstrate a commitment to the sport off the bike.


The team is looking for partners to help deliver this project – both financial, and those able to donate time and experience. This won’t be a fully fledged national level team – but we hope to maintain our high standard of delivery at a lower level to better prepare the future generation of our sport.