Butterfields – Appselec p/b Van D’am Racing Pushing to New Levels at the Tour de Tweed

August 12, 2019

When VDR was founded in 2015, we set about building a team that could be competitive with the best. The reality is that we probably could have got to this result quicker if we had just brought in a heap of proven riders, but we were determined to build a team with our own riders, who buy into our culture and our understanding of how things should be done. The progression has been slow – but very much determined over the past four years, and we feel like we are starting to hit our straps.

Overall the Tour de Tweed was one of our best. Two top 10’s on Stage One, making decisive splits on Stage Two, 11th and 15th overall (just shy of our planned top 10), 4th on young riders, and 4th overall on teams classification. We know it’s not the loftiest of results and a little below what we were really hoping for, but the progression is real, and the confidence is growing as we head into our next NRS outings.

Key Takeaways:

Agnoletto has some talent:

We are hoping that the bigger NRS teams aren’t reading this, as Blake exceeded everyone’s expectations over the weekend and will no doubt be hot property over the coming years. At just 16, he finished 11th overall, and his lowest stage placing across the 4 stages was 16th – a level that other riders take years to achieve. Well natured and committed, with the right environment and opportunities, we think Blake could go on to big things in the future; as long as he remembers to pack every part of his bike.

Thomason coming into his prime:

Jason came to us in 2017 as a capable rider but was spending much of his time as pack filler. A lack of racing over the past 2 months was really the only thing stopping him making a late attack on Stage Two stick, which would have likely have put him in podium contention for the tour. We hope that he will come into some unstoppable form as we work our way through the rest of the series as we believe the best is still to come for our Adelaide adopted Kiwi.

Still some big improvements to be made:

Although the result was strong, we felt that we were a little out of form not having raced much in the last 2 months, particularly as a team. Lining up against those who have just completed overseas racing blocks is always hard – but we felt that we were close to where we needed to be, and with a little better organisation on the road – we think we can be a lot more prominent on the results sheet.

What’s up Next?

We’re back home for work/uni/life for the next two weeks before packing our bags and heading to our “Home Race” – the Tour of the Great South Coast. Eight Stages in six days, this race has always smiled upon us and we are excited to see what we can lay down this time around.

We can’t do what we do without the amazing support of our sponsors – even the smallest contribution helps with what we do. If you can – please consider supporting them in what they do!

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