Introducing VDR Butterfields Development Team

October 3, 2019

When we started our team in 2015, one of our major motivating factors was providing a pathway for riders coming out of juniors into the senior ranks, and helping them find balance and a place in the sport. As the team evolved, our riders have got older.

Our focus did remain the same, but due to our loyalty to our list, we saw a gap reopen in the space that we were originally trying to fill. Riders were once again coming out of juniors and without a clear direction for them to stay in the sport we saw once again too many SA riders lost. Although we someone times regret our enthusiasm for attempting to fix the problems that we see – we are excited to be once again offering a partial solution to this problem.

Van D’am Dev

Photo Cred: Turn 8 Photography

Starting with the 2019 Cycling South Australia Super Series – we are excited to be fielding a team of eight riders. Heading up the team will be a rider who was on our original list, and has always been a close friend of everything we do. Shaun O’Callaghan has come out of a partial cycling hiatus to help lead the young riders, passing on some of the knowledge that saw him ride to top 10s at nationals, and stage wins at local and a national level.

Coming into the team straight out of the junior ranks are Zach Marriage, Jude Thursby, Paul Wentrock and Aston Freeth. All four riders impressed making the recent state team which went to Junior Nationals and present with great attitudes that we look forward to working with.

From one of SA’s biggest regional clubs (Whyalla) we see two riders take the step up in Cooper Jacobs and Dylan Kaulins. We have always seen the importance of providing support to regional riders – and are pleased to be able to continue this trend. Closing out the list is Jason Woodard. Jason is probably one of the riders who missed out on opportunities coming out of the junior ranks and has a great attitude towards riding bikes and we are excited to be able to provide him with an opportunity.

We had a successful start taking third at Round two of the CSA SuperSeries in the TTT, showing that we have definitely got something right!

We would like to acknowledge the support of a couple of Sponsors who have made this possible. Primarily to Butterfields, who have continued to support our vision and passion, but also a special acknowledgement to Simon Telfer at Created by South who provided his skills and knowledge to nail another kit design, and to Joel Pearson and Nalini Australia for delivering yet another kit on time.