Will Golding Added to 2020 Roster

December 29, 2019

VDR is excited to announce our youngest signing for 2020 in Will Golding. At just 18, Will has been a quiet achiever over the past two years. Like many, Will’s cycling journey started as a young child. Progressing through to racing cross-country MTB at a state and national level before switching his focus to the road at the age of 16. Racing for Chesser Chemicals locally, he demonstrated versatility as a racer and rider with strong results in events varying from technical crits through to some of the hilliest road races in the state.

Will finished high school in 2019, and will start the next chapter of his education as he goes on to study Construction Management at the University of SA. VDR has always specialised in helping riders combine their academic and industry pursuits with racing, so will be well placed to guide Golding through the next part of his journey.

“It was always a goal of mine to join an NRS team after completing Year 12. VDR had so much to offer so it was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. I welcome the challenge of racing on a national level and am excited about being part of a close-knit team and looking forward to improving and developing my racecraft. I have always admired Van D’am’s professional approach to racing and team culture. I’m appreciative of this opportunity and super excited to work with my team mates to bring success to the team and sponsors in 2020!” 

TM Lachie was excited to have Golding come on board for 2020

“Will wasn’t really on our radar 12 months ago, but he’s shown such consistent improvement over the past year that he really deserves a shot straight away. We feel like he has the opportunity to slot into pretty much any team for any race which says a lot about his talent and versatility. Will is exactly the kind of rider and person we set about trying to support five years ago – so it’s exciting to be able to continue this legacy in South Australia. “

Stay tuned over the coming week as we count down to Nationals as we announce the final parts (and some of the biggest parts) of the puzzle that will be VDR in 2020.

2 Comments on “Will Golding Added to 2020 Roster

  1. I have known Will for several years as his parents are clients of mine. Will has taken on board and demonstrated strong family and work ethics, and his commitment to cycling is second to none. I wish Will all the success and I’m confident he will be a quick learner and benefit the team strongly. Good luck all.

  2. Well done Will – you have proved yourself Worthy – & thanks to the Van Dam team for accepting you & taking you onto the next level – thanks to to your coaches along the way – & your parents who have given you incredible support from an early start – all the best for 2020 — I know it will take perseverance discipline & hard work — but you can do it – a proud Grandma xx

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