New Name and Sponsor, Same Philosophy for VDR in 2020

January 5, 2020

VDR is excited to be racing under the name “Butterfields-Insurance Advisernet p/b VDR” in 2020. This name change sees Appselec step out of the limelight after supporting the team for the past two seasons, and Insurance Advisernet steps in to continue the team’s push forward.

Insurance Advisernet is one of the largest and most highly respected general insurance businesses in Australia, with over 210 advice practices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

With our evolving and changing sponsors, VDR has always looked for companies that share not only our values but also our approach. As a team, we have always prided ourselves on our honesty and integrity and we fight to be as efficient as possible. With Insurance Advisernet, we feel we have a very synergetic belief system and approach and look forward to capitalising on this partnership.

Team Manager Lachie Ambrose spoke of this new relationship “We have enjoyed really stable support from Butterfields over the past five seasons and are excited to be able to bring a new company into the fold. We like to work with companies that have similar philosophies as us, and Insurance Advisernet fits this bill. You only need to look that work that they do through their Foundation to understand this.”

Insurance Advisernet is a business insurance specialist, but also offer home insurance and motor insurance for the individual. If you are thinking about whether you, or your business, is adequately insured and want advice you can trust, then make sure you get in contact with Insurance Advisernet. Although there are many insurers in the market place, the benefit of using an Insurance Adviser is that when something goes wrong, you’ll have someone with experience and knowledge to help guide you through the process. Combined with their significant market power, they’ll be in a position to help deliver you the best value and support. If you are interested in getting in touch with your local Adviser, check out their website for more details here!

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