Van D’am Racing Calling for Dev Team Year Two

June 21, 2020

Photos Courtesy of Frame & Spear, & Chameleon Photograhpy/CSA

After blowing our expectations out of the water in year one, we’re looking to regain the momentum that was stollen by COVID, and launch into year two of our development team. We’re calling for South Australian Riders to put their applications in for our Dev Team, which will mainly focus on racing Cat 2 of the 2020 Super Series.

Who we want riders who:

  • Will be U19 or first-year 2020/21 (including riders who are second-year U17 in 2020);
  • Based in Adelaide/SA;
  • Have a passion for racing;
  • Willing to give back to the community;
  • Demonstrate balance with their education;
  • Be of at least a B grade or High C grade standard.
  • Fit within our team culture.

One rider who will be returning is Shaun O’Callaghan. A former superstar of the domestic scene, O’Callaghan shifted his focus to other aspects of his life midway through the 2016 season. He came out of retirement to give the young crew that we had in 2019 some leadership and is looking forward to dusting off the bike again for 2020.

“I think a lot of riders go through the sport, get some pretty fantastic opportunities to travel and race in some really cool places. But they come to the end of their time racing, and they just leave the sport without giving anything back. Racing with the dev team last year and helping the 15-16-year-old’s on the team achieve results that we didn’t think were probable at the start of the series has been one of the true highlights of my times on the bike, and gave me a really nice way to give something back to the sport.”

If CSA receives sufficient interest to offer a Category three men, we will consider a further expansion to fill a team in this category. Riders should note that we only have 8 places on offer, and as such it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to offer a ride to everyone who applies for the team.  Each rider will need to pay a contribution to the team to offset costs for the teams. If any business would like to get involved in sponsoring this iniative, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we are expecting very stretched resources in a post COVID19 environment.

Those interested in racing with our Dev Team in 2020 are to email team manager Lachie at outlining why this would be a good opportunity for them.