Dev Team Expands in 2021

July 11, 2021

Photos Courtesy of Frame & Spear

We’ve always emphasised the importance of pathway, and as such we are excited to expand our opportunities to offer more riders more opportunities as part of the 2021 MetroMap Super Series.

With the addition of Cat 3 Men, it is only natural for VDR to continue to add to our roster of teams to really continue the drive forward the growth of South Australian Cycling. We have a few spots available for Cat 2, and a whole team to fill for Cat 3.

Who we want riders who:

  • Will be U19 or first-year U23 in 2021/22 (including riders who are second-year U17 in 2021);
  • Based in Adelaide/SA;
  • Have a passion for racing;
  • Willing to give back to the community;
  • Demonstrate balance with their education;
  • Cat 2: Be of at least a B grade or High C grade standard
  • Cat 3: Be of at least C or D grade standard with strong bunch skills.
  • Fit within our team culture.

Our Cat 2 team will once again led by the multi-talented Shaun O’Callaghan who has been putting his talents to good use across non-wheeled endurance sports since the end of the last series, will likely be able to jump back in from where he ended up and continue to help our young riders keep progressing.

Those interested in racing with our Dev Team in 2021 are to email team manager Lachie at outlining why this would be a good opportunity for them. There is no formal application form, but if riders could indicate their availability for each of the rounds. Riders should be aware that there will be a nominal cost associated with joining the team.