2022: Back to the Start

November 21, 2021

After much soul searching over the past 12 months, VDR is excited to be able to continue our journey in 2022 after what feels like a very stagnant two years. We started 2020 with the trajectory that we finished 2019, a super strong team committed to being one of the best in the country.

COVID hit hard, and with Limited National level racing it was hard to keep the foot on the gas. Come the end of 2021 some of our best were ready to move up, with several of the biggest teams in the country snapping them up. Others were ready to move on – bike racing is fun, fulfilling and can play a really important role in character development, but being a hyper focused bike rider is never going to be something riders can sustain forever.

2015 Super Series – Year One

So we’ve made a call – we’re going back to the start. VDR was founded based on the idea of developing riders, giving them opportunities to excel as people and bike riders in an environment which is supportive of all their ambitions.

For 2022- we will be taking a step back and focusing on supporting SA riders with an exposure to the National Road Series, opportunities to race the VRS and a supported presence at most South Australian races.

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VDR is fortunate to maintain some incredible relationships with some fantastic partners, and will look forward to continuing these partnerships into the future.