VDR Teams up With JKT

November 21, 2021

Running a cycling team takes quite some effort. Doing it on your own takes even more effort. As such we are excited to adding more people to help; bringing in new ideas and enthusiasm. For 2022 VDR is teaming up with JKT – or more speficifially Caitlin Ward and Josh Harrison.

Both are incredibly well credentialed in their own right as athletes, having represented Australia on multiple continents, have national titles, and countless wins across Australia. What really makes the synergy work though is their continual focus on rider wellbeing, with bike results only part of what they are trying to achieve.

Teams are more than just riders on a start list, and it’s this sense of community that Harrison wants to continue to nurture the in VDR environment:

Community is so fundamental to being involved in sport, so creating a community within and around the team that allows all to trust and believe in one another is something we really want to continue to build on with VDR. Racing doesn’t need to be about pressure, but being able to enjoy racing and enjoy the company of those who you’re racing with will help deliver the results.

VDR is incredibly excited about what this next chapter promises, and look forward to continuing to build on the brand and reputation the team has developed over the past seven years.

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