Van D’am Racing is South Australia’s only elite under 25 cycling team. Not just focused on results, Van D’am Racing is committed to developing balanced cyclists by providing opportunities for them to not only grow as riders but also members of the wider community. Founded in 2015, the team has consistently improved over the past four seasons taking jerseys and stage wins across Australia. With several exciting new signings - we are looking forward to seeing what the season will offer in 2020! 

August 15, 2019
Van D'am Racing

Power- How do we compare? By Daniel Siwek When it comes to training most of the boys on VDR use a power meter, power meters allow riders to complete controlled efforts and track progress in training.  Using a functional threshold power (FTP) generated from the power meter is one of the most popular ways of Read More

August 12, 2019
Van D'am Racing

Butterfields – Appselec p/b Van D’am Racing Pushing to New Levels at the Tour de Tweed

When VDR was founded in 2015, we set about building a team that could be competitive with the best. The reality is that we probably could have got to this result quicker if we had just brought in a heap of proven riders, but we were determined to build a team with our own riders, Read More

August 8, 2019
Van D'am Racing

Tour of Tweed Preview

The winter National Road Series hibernation period is definitely over with the second tour of the season about to kick off in the warmer northern New South Wales climate. Tour of Tweed has always been a favourable destination for the team offering a brief period of warmth for riders who have struggled through training in Read More

July 31, 2019
Van D'am Racing

Simple Aerodynamic Gains By Tristan Saunders Nowadays with the competitive racing getting increasingly difficult, any extra advantage over another rider is welcomed. One of the most effective ways to go about getting these advantages is through optimising your aerodynamics. Many products and services are now making it easier for the mass market to achieve a Read More

July 28, 2019
Van D'am Racing

Training preference: Enjoyment or Performance Benefits?  M.Sampson Imagine this. There is this one afternoon where your friend and yourself are sat at your favourite café waiting on your usual long black and chocolate muffin. As you relax, you start to discuss the upcoming week’s training block and compare efforts and intervals on both your training Read More